The Ukrainian Grain Elevator
Association (UGEA)

Was founded for consolidation of grain storing specialists, representatives of the elevator business, and agricultural producers, in order to protect the interests of the industry at the government-business level, and for mutual assistance in formation of the business cooperation

Only together
we will be able to achieve success

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Our Mission
  • Development of business cooperation in the elevator industry
  • Establishment of the best international practices of the elevator business
  • Improvement of grain storage technologies and standards
  • Lobbying the interests of the Association members
  • Reducing of the prime cost of grain storing
  • Foundation of the transparent, clear, modern and competitive environment on the domestic market of elevator services
  • Setting of the attractive conditions for investment in construction, and development of the elevator and logistics infrastructure

of the Association

Development of the industry through development of each its member

  • Development, creation and establishment of the "Code of fairness and professional ethics of companies of the elevator industry on the domestic market of services for grain receiving, storing and handling"
  • Organization of the legal and social protection of participants, influence on formation of the administrative and legal policy of the authorities on the elevator industry, mutual assistance and support
  • Organization of own events and participation in various international and domestic exhibitions, conferences and workshops, training and education of the Association members
  • Provision of participation of all enterprises of the elevator industry in the government support programs of the agro-industrial complex through the mechanisms of partial reimbursement of the cost of elevators construction, as well as the interest rates compensation on the loans for construction of the elevators, and compensation of the leasing costs of elevator equipment of the domestic engineering plants
  • Lobbying of the interests of domestic producers of elevator technical equipment through the mechanisms of the government support for placement in Ukraine of the facilities of the global leaders in production of the whole complex of elevator equipment

Business directions
of the Association

Establishment of the modern model of development and doing of domestic business

  • Transparency and openness of the work of the UGEA through organization of the full-scale, up-to-date website, as well as printed and electronic mass media
  • Constant participation in all industry Technical Committees, as well as in development and approval of the technical standards for grains and oilseeds, and methods of their specification
  • Establishment of the effective grain storing and transporting technologies
  • Establishment of the European / international models of elevator services
  • Establishment of the best management practice of product safety at the elevator
  • Increasing of the cooperation rates between enterprises of all forms of ownership in the reporting sphere
  • Realization of the legislative, scientific and technical initiatives developed by the Association members
  • Provision of members of the Association with the required information and training programs

Current program
of the Association

Challenges of the industry to be solved together. It is the only way to reach the mission

  • Studying of the public opinion on restoration of the updated regulations of grain storage enterprises. Working out of the modern version of the "instruction 661"
  • Preparation and application of adjustments to the Law of Ukraine “On Grain and Grain Market in Ukraine”
  • Application of adjustments and harmonization of the national standards for grains, oilseeds and pulses, as well as the methods for definition of its quality, with the international ones
  • Studying of the public opinion on establishment of independent laboratory in the port area, in order to solve the controversial issues of grain quality, coming from other oblates of Ukraine
  • Working out of the proposals for solution of challenges in the logistics of grain crops (issues related to closing of the stations, creation of the transparent mechanism of renting of rail cars, restoration of the locomotives fleet, and receiving of the permission for delivering of locomotives to the district lines, simplification of the mechanism of new railway lines on the territory of elevators, and maintenance of the existing ones, selling issues of the railway lines on the territory of private elevators)
  • Application of adjustments to the legislative acts on simplification of the requirements and conditions of connection of the utilities: water, natural gas, electric power, to the existing enterprises and new ones
  • Setting of the transparent conditions for receiving of the required documents of environmental, metrological, fire and other newly created public services, and communication with the railway
  • Technical and technological support of new storage facilities and elevators, reconstruction of the existing enterprises
  • Technical support in the preparation and application of documents on new construction projects and renovations from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine (SACI)
  • Working out of the preferences for domestic producers and suppliers of elevator equipment
  • Making of proposals on the tax burden of the elevators
  • Provision of the information and technical support to the Association members

Members of the Ukrainian
Grain Elevator Association

We unite together to achieve the common goals. Together we are stronger!

Members of the Ukrainian Grain Elevator Association
Bilozavodsky elevator

Bilozavodsky elevator is located in the urban-type settlement Bily Kolodyaz (Kharkiv oblast). The elevator was commissioned for operation in 2018. The simultaneous storing capacities total 110 thsd tonnes. The elevator is equipped with the modern equipment of the European manufacture, which allows accepting, processing and shipping all types of grains, oilseeds, pulses and alternate crops. The accepting capacities total 4500 tonnes/day, loading capacities — 4000 tonnes/day, with the option to load cargoes to railway routes.

Koryukivka elevator
Variant Agro Build

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Pros of membership in the association
  • Upholding the business interests of the companies — Association members
  • Establishing of new business contacts and establishing of the partnership and friendly relations
  • Assistance in problems solution and increasing of the customer base
  • Experience exchange
  • Dialogue with the state authorities
  • Consulting on the current legislation features
  • Consulting on the technical and technological issues, as well as construction issues of the elevator
  • Promotion of the company on the grain market
  • Preferences of participation in the industry events
  • Participation of the company's personnel in various training events
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